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March 8, 2015

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July 4, 2017

The Revolutionary War. Slavery. The Civil War, Reconstrution, Suffrage, two World Wars, the Civil Rights movement, Vietnam, the Cold War, terrorism. Americans have dealt with conflict and division the day we called ourselves Americans. Our forefathers and foremothers were badass traitors, after all. It’s in our blood. 

Division is emotional. It grabs you w...

July 2, 2017

Listen for the music

A natural rhythm of

Metal, petal

The chime and the buzz

May 26, 2017

Come on, man. How does it get any cooler than this?

Happy birthday, Miles. 

April 22, 2017

Big day at Club Condron. Earth Day…yes. Record Store Day…you bet. Anna’s UC water polo team playing in the CWPA tournament at Notre Dame…yep. And we’re very happy to announce…

Pudge the World’s Greatest Dog turns 12 today! 

Ours is a world weighed down by political turmoil, the devastation of our climate, global terrorism, and economic anarchy. For crap sak...

April 4, 2017

You’ve been there. I have, too. Bemoaning the fact that so-and-so's birthday’s snuck up on us so fast, even though it's the same bloody day every year. You scramble for the perfect gift, the perfect card, something to show you care. Something to help you avoid looking like a thoughtless ass. Your best ideas are long gone and you’re simply searching the ai...

March 17, 2017

Serendipity. When things or people – for some unexplained and unexpected reason – just come together.

I met D2 at Xavier University in 1982. He ventured to the small Cincinnati campus from Arkansas, employing his New Jersey roots to instruct me on the proper pronunciation of the largely unremarkable state…”arr-KAN-zis.” I was a commuter, he was a dormie, b...

March 8, 2017

March 8, 2017. Examination room, doctor’s office. My heart moves like a fat dude on a dance floor. No rhythm, man. No rhythm. 

But I’m here and I’m glad. Three years ago today that bad rhythm almost cost me everything. An implanted defibrillator and a piss-and-vinegar mean streak kept me alive then and continue to watch over me today. Just gotta find...

January 2, 2017

Ours has been an adversarial relationship, at best. For nearly thirty years, we have depended on each other while poking the bear – you with your interminably irregular rhythms, me with the occasional Skyline Chili 3-Way lunches. I have begged, pleaded, and demanded that you step in line and behave, but you, not unlike your host, march to your own beat....

December 20, 2016

Look at these photographs. What do you see?

A threat to national security, or

A human being in need?

A future jihadist, or

A future refugee?

Collateral damage, or

A victim of political and religious extremism?

Another image I'll forget in two minutes, or

A human being that is living through misery I could never imagine?

Would you want your child to experience this...

November 9, 2016

I’ve traveled much of this country in my life, from the East Coast to the Hawaiian Islands, from the lakes of Minnesota to Key West’s Southernmost Point. 

Regrettably, I’ve come to realize that the United States is comprised of dangerously few pockets of intelligence, surrounded by a vast expanse of ignorance. The 2016 election is, for me, confirmation of...

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