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Double the Fun

Serendipity. When things or people – for some unexplained and unexpected reason – just come together.

I met D2 at Xavier University in 1982. He ventured to the small Cincinnati campus from Arkansas, employing his New Jersey roots to instruct me on the proper pronunciation of the largely unremarkable state…”arr-KAN-zis.” I was a commuter, he was a dormie, but we found ourselves in many of the same radio and television production classes. And we were both unpaid, late-night (I can’t emphasize those adjectives enough) on-air talent at WVXU, our university’s student-run NPR radio affiliate. I don’t recall a particular thunderbolt moment where Damian and I clicked. We just did. And we still do. I guess after 35 years, we can drop the college portion of our friendship status. We’re just buddies.

Here’s the weird thing. Many of my other college friends vaguely recall Damian. And many of his are unfamiliar to me, more than likely an effect of the commuter/dormie identities we bore. So what random thread ran between two guys from different parts of the country, from different backgrounds, and with different social circles. A random thread that somehow has remained tied all these years?

To be clear, we get together a few times a year for lunch or a beer after work. And while we’d like to get together more often, there’s always work/families/projects/bills/life getting in the way of our creative skull sessions. But when the planets align we always pick up where we left off, discussing music, our writing projects, our jobs, and why we haven’t found a way to put our talents together to formulate the world’s next groundbreaking phenomenon.

We haven’t figured out the mysteries to the universe yet. Nor have we pondered much about the thread that keeps us coming back for our creative sparring sessions. I'm sure one of these days, though, it’ll all just come together.

Tale of the Tape

D2 tc

XU grad XU grad

7'5" 4'6"

In shape Resembles a shape

Runs Barely walks

Music fanatic Music fanatic

Humorist Knows one good joke

Radio experience: WVXU, 97X, Radio experience: WVXU, I have one in my car

B-105, WLW

Enjoys writing Enjoys writing

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