My name is Tim Condron. Timothy J. Condron, as it appears on checks and contracts and other formal scribblings. I won’t bore you with my version of, “It all started in a shack…,” but you may want some context to help you understand from whence all these thoughts arose.


I came within 400 joules of an electric shock from dying. You can read more about that by reading Now, now. Nearly dying has an effect on everyone who goes through the experience. Oh, it’s a thrill. You’ll never experience anything more thrilling. Some may deny this, but I’m afraid there’s nothing like being on that edge of the cliff to get you thinking. Well, it shifted my overthinking mind into hyperdrive.


In the video/film/television world, we have takes…first take, second take, third take and so on. It’s another try, a restart, a reboot. Another chance to get it right. The long and short of it, nearly dying woke me up to the realization that I’m now on my second take. This is my chance to give it another try. Second Takes is my shot at getting it right this time.


By trade, I’m a marketer, a business communicator, a writer. But I’ve picked up other creative interests that I’ll share, from time to time. Like photos of places, events, or people who’ve made a positive impact on my life. Or videos, the moving version of what I just described. And words, of course…plenty of words.


Maybe something here will help inspire you to make the most of your time here, before you face a second take. Or in the event you don’t have one.


No time like now to get things going. Enjoy, my friend!

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