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What am I thankful for? Oh, I have a list.

Irish Coffee

Enjoying one or two with my sister and brother in law at Buena Vista, across from San Francisco Bay. A slice of the characters and character of a great city.

Goalie Goals

Go ahead...try to throw like a girl. Thanks to my beloved daughters, water polo is now my favorite sport. And yes, goalies can score. But not many of them.

Character & Courage Foundation

A video I wrote, produced and directed to help raise funds for baseball programs benefitting inner city and disabled youths. Kids and can you go wrong?


Frog Lessons

It's an annual event at Club Condron. Nature's call of passion...frogs, that my pool cover. But they're doing it wrong.


Baseball Means...

What baseball means to me.


Storms a Brewin'

A freaky weather front rolls through Hebron, KY as we sit down for our morning coffee.


Mama Stella

How a rescued dog and her 8 pups stole our family's hearts.

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