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Bowling for (water polo) Dollars

Free association from last night’s fundraiser at Stone’s Lanes for the University of Cincinnati’s men’s and women’s water polo teams.

bowling hurts

my game sucks

Tim Tim Ben Ben

Mal and Anna

The Mayor

scuffed up balls

easy needs some meat on dem bones

tight shoes, so fashionable

don’t talk sh*t about Norwood pale ale

not enough pizza

incomprehensible guy at the bar

still, he’s enjoying himself

Mt. Bowlingshoes

disinfectant spray

neon bowling pin

broken ball return

what’s with the red pin?

wicked split

tennis elbow is back

easy there, easy. it ain’t a frisbee

who brought the ringer

sketchy parking lot

circa 1973 restroom

leading the entire game

ben ties on his final roll


hangin with the condron sisters

hangin with the team

hangin with the mayor

back in the ‘hood

i like water polo

i like this team

fun times

need to bowl more

Timothy Condron

September 17, 2015

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